In 1965, Bill Rankin founded Delux Equipment Company, which manufactured a domestic gas rock broiler in one size, a variety of colors, and was available only in the Los Angeles area.

In 1967, Bill contacted Dick Jones, a commercial manufacturer’s representative in St. Louis, with an exceptionally diverse background in commercial cooking equipment. Dick evaluated the broiler and determined that with a few modifications, it was indeed suitable for commercial use. A relationship was forged that would last for many years.

Knowing the market needed a superbly designed grill at an affordable price, Dick hired representatives countrywide to launch this exceptional product. In 1991, Bill retired and Dick became President and CEO of Rankin-Delux.


Today Rankin-Delux manufactures over five hundred different models of broiler, griddles, hot plates, finishing ovens, oriental ranges, stockpot ranges, and teppan-yaki griddles. Holding patents on many of their products, including the internationally known Turbo Broiler™.

In October 2007, the company went through another transition of ownership. L. Vasan, an industry veteran and recognized equipment designer, took control and proudly continues the tradition of providing high quality and reliable equipment along with excellent customer service.